OMFG SFC overload!!

In the last month A LOT of Super Famicom games have arrived in the mail… and I’m still waiting for more to arrive ;D

I’m super happy about Cotton 100%!! I paid around $160 USD for it, but it was complete even with a tiny music CD and in great condition ^_^ I’ll make another post about this game itself soon :)
SFC -Cotton100_

Doremi Fantasy!! I’m so happy to have it! And it’s an amazingly cute little platformer ^_^  I’ll make a post about this one too soon!
DoReMi Fantasy_

Dai Makaimura is awesome ^_^ the sequel to Makaimura which is also a great game! It’s quite different from the Sega Mega Drive game with the same name, I’ll make a comparison in a later post :)
Choh Makai Mura_

I looove Final Fight, so I just assumed Final Fight 2 would be just as good, and it was :D
Final Fight 2_

I also went and got Final Fight Guy, I haven’t tried it out yet, but from the looks of it I think it’s a fighting game and not a beat’em up  :( But at least there’s a mini CD in the box! :D
Final Fight Guy_

I had never heard of Dino Wars, but when people started bidding on it, I’m not the one that quits.. that just makes me want something even more ;D It’s a really fun platform game where you ride a dinosaur! :D
Dino Wars_

Hansei Zaru Jiro-kun no Daibouken, a very cute puzzle type platform game where you have to collect keys to enter the next stage. In the beginning I found it very childishly easy and didn’t think much of it, until it started getting quite tricky! :D
Hansei Zaru Jiro-kun no Daibouken_

Poi Poi Poitto!! Looks awesome!! And I bought it only for the cover, since I love puzzle games, but it’s actually not that fun.. shit keeps happening and I don’t understand why.. Like I’m about to win, and then WHAM shit just falls down without the opposing player even doing anything! It’s a game that doesn’t like winners >_<
Mahou Poipoi Poitto_

Super Gussun Oyoyo! This puzzle platformer is fun, but I prefer pure puzzle games… if I get stuck I give up >_< …. which I did ;D
Super Gussun Oyoyo_

Super Back to the Future Part II!! :D Check out my post about it here >>
SFC -Super Back to the Future Part II_

Ranma 1/2, I thought this was a fighting game and almost didn’t buy it at first. But at a second glance at the back I got super excited to find out it’s a PUZZLE GAME! :D So I had to get it ;D It’s really unique! In the beginning I didn’t get it, I tried to match colours and pictures on the blocks, until I realized that it’s a Janken game! (Rock Paper Scissors) So if you have a stack of stone hands you have to throw a paper hand on it for them to disappear :) It’s really tricky to try to beat the computer who is awesome.. but as a two player games it works great :D
Ranma Nibunnoichi_

Rockman X2! Rockman is always awesome ^_^ Now I have Rockman X, Rockman X2 and Rockman X3 :D still on the lookout for more Rockman games ^__^
Rockman X2_

Konami is my favorite game company <3 I’ve never really understood the Goemon games though, sometimes they’re a fun platformer and sometimes they’re just weird.. but this was the first one I tried for Super Famicom and it rocks! You run around beating ninjas with your stick and you can ride on a fish and much much more! :)
Goemon 2_

I also found Ganbare Goemon 3, so now I’m just looking for the first one as well ^__^ Fun platformers!
Ganbare Goemon 3_

Keeper was an interesting puzzle game and very cute ^_^ You run around in a square as a little keeper and you push blocks to match them, new blocks keep appearing though so you will easily get stuck and when the board is filled it’s game over.

SuperFamicomGuy recommended Thunder Spirits so I had to get it ^_^ and he was right, it’s a totally “belted” game ;D (did I use that correctly?)
Thunder Spirits_

Syvalion was another shooter I bought straight from Japan through the Mandarake shops online! I haven’t tried this one out yet, but I’m thinking it will be great ^____^

The Mickey Mouse games on the Famicom are just as great as the Sega Mega Drive ones :) I’m trying to catch them all ;D 
Mickey no Magical Adventure_

I’m not really that into fighting games, but I got these three in a lot on eBay and it can always be fun to have since a lot of my friends enjoy playing them ^_^
Street Fighter II-_  Street Fighter II Turbo_  Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers_

I also got curious about Sailor Moon, I heard there were a few really good ones, and I got confused when looking through them all on eBay.. so I just ended up buying them all ;D
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Kondo ha Puzzle de Oshiokiyo!!_     Panicin Nakayoshi World_ Sailor Moon__     Sailor Moon Super S senin Sanka!! Jyuyaku Soutatsusen_ Sailor Moon S Jyuukai Rantou?! Jyuyaku Soutatsusen_     Sailor moon R_ Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Super S Fuwa Fuwa Panic_      Sailor Moon Another Story_

And here’s even more new ones:
Asameshi Mae Nyanko_
    Little Master_    Magical Tarurutokun Magic Adventure_ Mahoujin Guruguru_    Mario to Wario_    Metal Max 2_ SFC -Chou Aniki_    Down the World Mervil's Ambition_    Battle Robot Retsuden_ Barbarossa_    Super Pon_    Bishin Densetsu Zoku_ SFC -Fire Emblem 3_    Spindizzy Worlds_    Power of the Hired_

11 thoughts on “OMFG SFC overload!!

  1. Actually, if I remember correctly, “Final Fight Guy” is almost exactly the same game as “Final Fight”…except that Guy is a playable character instead of Cody.

    As I recall, in the first generation of Super Famicom/Super NES games, the devs were still working around cartridge memory size limitations, and “Final Fight”, while being one of the first releases, could not be accurately ported over from the arcade with all three playable characters – Cody, Haggar, and Guy – intact. So the original version of “Final Fight” was released with Cody and Haggar as the only two playable characters and “Final Fight Guy” was, due to fan demand, later released featuring Guy and Haggar as selectable fighters.

    Not sure if I’m remembering all of the details correctly, but this gist of what I’ve said should be true. :)

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of games! What an amazing haul.

    Dai Makaimura is excellent and yeah it is very different from the Genesis version. I’ve only played it very briefly but I remember it being much harder of the two games. Both are amazing!
    Thunder Spirits looks a lot like Thunder Force III for the Genesis. In fact from the screen shots on the back of your case I think it is. And what an awesome game it is! Thunder Force III for the Genesis might be my favorite space shooter.
    Poi Poi Poitto looks a lot like Poyu Poyu which is my favorite puzzle game.
    I love your Sailor Moon philosophy! Not sure what’s what? Get them all! Good job :)

    Were all of these games from one purchase?

    • Thanks ^_^ It has been from several different hauls though ;D Just haven’t had the time to put together a post in a while, since I’ve been moving all the games around, testing, sorting and organizing ^^

      Thunder Spirits might actually be Thunder Force III for Mega Drive! I have that one too ;D I’ll go confirm…
      … Indeed! I checked them both out and it’s the same game :) In Mega Drive you can choose stages in the beginning though, which you can’t in the SFC Thunder Spirits ^^ The graphics and the sound is actually better in the SFC one.. sorry segadude ;D

      BTW, what happened to your Opa Opa? ;D

      PoiPoi Poitto is nothing like Puyo Puyo unfortunately :( Cause I LOOOOOVE Puyo Puyo ;D

      • Ah, I do miss my Opa Opa already :P
        But I’m using a cartoon version of me (the SegaDude!) that a friend of mine drew. Just having some fun!

        Well now, I think I want to get SFC Thunder Spirits! It’s a really good game! I also want that SFC Ghouls and Ghost and Cotton and sooo many more. These new additions are really great!

      • Cool! Do you usually were the Indy hat? ;D
        Thanks ^_^ I’m totally hooked on SFC right now! There’s just sooooo many great games!!!! :D
        BTW, I added a video on instagram comparing the intro of Thunder Spirits and Thunder Force III ^__^

  3. @stopxwhispering
    Ha! I do not wear a Indy hat. I don’t even have one. But my buddy knows I’ve always like Indiana Jones and the archaeology theme seemed to go nicely with retro video games :) That was all his idea.
    Instagram! I’ll have to get on that bandwagon too :)

  4. WOW, gal. AWESOME haul. Cotton 100% is really cool, you’ll be surprised at Sylvalion (it’s a shmup and a sort of times maze game) and so forth and so on. If I had the time, I’d compare notes on the games I have in my collection with you, but as usual, I have so many things cooking and juggling in the air (hot balls! OW!) that I can barely keep up with myself…

    Anyway, nice, nice, nice haul!


  5. Do you have games for trading? I have some “repeated” SFC boxed games (in good state of course), it’s about time to get rid of those bricks.

  6. You need to check out Umihara Kawase on YouTube. It’s Lima like bionic commando, but a girl with a fishing pole. Excellent game. Nice collection. I’ve been buying famicom also. Picked up English tepros of final fantasy V, secret of mana 3, and bought castlevania IV. Sadly my super famicom blew a fuse, and got lucky and fixed it for 2 dollars last night. I was very happy about that. I love my super fsmicom.

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