RSM loot part I – Atari Lynx!

At this years RSM (Retrospelsmässan) I came home with a bigger haul than any previous year ;D In total it was 6 consoles and 60 games o_O That’s the main reason why I’m dividing the loot into several posts, since I’ve only had time to go through and photograph parts of it so far ;D

First up, I came to RSM with the ambition to find an Atari Lynx and a ZX Spectrum. I’ve wanted an Atari Lynx for a long time since I’ve had a few games for it but no way to play them >_< After going through the vendors I didn’t seem to find one though, until I spoke to Martin who claimed to have seen it at a table behind him. This is where I found the first Atari Lynx console, a bit worn on the backside and dirty, but it cleaned up nice and it was cheap ^__^ Somebody else had snagged an Atari Lynx from the same seller just minutes earlier, one in better condition >_< But I’m happy with finding it ^_^


A couple of hours later I showed my Atari Lynx to likilato, and he told me he had seen another Atari Lynx, boxed! So he showed me to the table where I had missed this beauty! This one was the Atari Lynx 2, in box, with power adaptor and a bunch of loose games with it! I couldn’t help myself, had to get this one too!



They’re quite different and both have their pro’s and cons. I’ve spent some time this week trying them out ^_^ The first edition of the Atari Lynx has much louder and way better sound (in my opinion) but the second one has a better screen. The first one is heavier and lies well in your hands, the second one feels lighter and bit cheaper, I like the design better of the second one though ^_^


I already had some of the games that came in the boxed Atari Lynx package though, and I had already bought a few at RSM before I found it as well! There were a few ones I didn’t have though, like Gauntlet, Warbirds, Blue Lightning, Batman Returns, California Games, Electropop, Viking Child and Checkered flag (however this one came in doubles >_<) It kind of bugs me that they’re not boxed though.. since the rest of the ones I have are…


Here’s some of the other Atari Lynx games I picked up at RSM! :D I really enjoyed Gates of Zendocon and Zarlor Mercenaries ^__^ Out of the cartridges I also liked Gauntled (Gauntles is always awesome!), Xenophobe, Batman Returns and Electropop. Electropop had a really cool 3D depth in it! It was a sidescrolling platformer where you could also move forward and backwards into the screen to enter various rooms ^_^

I’m very happy with my new Atari Lynx collection which I can finally play!!! I didn’t find a ZX Spectrum though :( But I found a BUNCH of other cool things! :D I will make another post soon with the rest ;D


12 thoughts on “RSM loot part I – Atari Lynx!

  1. NICE haul! And welcome to the Lynx world! It’s an excellent and underrated system with some nice games. From a tech perspective it’s more powerful than the other handhelds of the day and could do some excellent “3D” scaling effects.

    As you can see here:

    There are some fun side-scrollers, a handful of shmups, some puzzle games, a pinball game, adventure games and believe it or not, a new game was made for the Lynx a few years back:

    I think it’s out of print, so good luck finding one cheap. It’s a really cool side-scroller with colorful and cute visuals and a lot of challenge. I don’t have a favorite game on the system, but Battle Wheels is pretty fun because it’s a car combat pioneer that you can turn into a FPS if you choose to play on foot and make all the AI enemies do the same. Too bad the ComLynx connection is local to other Lynxes only via a cable, as it was fun to play this game against others.

    • Thanks! I’m enjoying the Lynx world! :D I’ve heard about the new games being produced for the system ^^ I like that they’re keeping it alive! :D I might have to get a cord to connect my lynxes, I assume you can use both models with each other in multiplayer?

      • You should be able to use that cable with either Lynx, but you need two or more copies of the game you want to play if I’m not mistaken.

        You definitely need some more games! Ninja Gaiden III, Rygar, Switchblade II, Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop, Todd’s Adventures in Slime World and so forth and so on. Even something like Awesome Golf is fun (and this is from someone who doesn’t like that sport).

        It’s too bad the Lynx didn’t attract more third party developers, though. The teams that made games for it usually made some great ones (warts and all). But it would have been cool to see a few Japanese-developed games taking advantage of the hardware’s features the other handhelds couldn’t handle.

  2. I also think the Atari Lynx 2 looks nicer than the 1. Many of the games you got for it also look like they could be pretty good.
    Did you paint your finger nails orange just to match your Lynx 2?! :) I think you did… that’s dedication :P

  3. I also think that Atari Lynx 2 looks a bit nicer than the one. I think you did great getting all those games with it. Even if they are unboxed. Some of them look like they could be pretty good games too.
    Did you paint your finger nails orange to match your Atari Lynx 2? I think you did ’cause you’re dedicated like that :P

    • Thanks! :D A lot of the games were really great ^_^ I was amazed at how cool this system was! :D
      And yes, I did paint my nails the Atari colour ;D haha Also I really like orange!

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