Retrospelsfestivalen 2015 – the loot!!!

This year’s retro gaming convention in Malmö (Retrospelsfestivalen) was awseome! I didn’t have much time to buy stuff though since me and my Geeky Gals spent most time hosting competitions and stuff on stage. It was a lot of fun though ^_^ And we got to meet so many cool people :D I did however get half an hour off at the end of the day where I did some speed-shopping for retro games! haha :D

So here’s what I found ^_^ Not bad for 30 minutes huh? ;D

Retrospelsfestivalen 2015 loot

I’m thrilled to have found a Neo Geo game I didn’t already have! Less thrilled to find out that it’s a fighting game (like every other game on that system >_<) instead of a platform game, like the previous Karnov games on NES for example.. but I got a fair price so I’m happy :) I have a lot of friends who enjoy fighting games, so I’ll pop it in my new cab ;D (I’ll tell you more about that in a later post..)

Karnov's Revenge - Neo Geo MVS

I was also happy to stumble upon some PC Engine games, they’re quite unheard of here in Sweden. But Japon carried a few titles ^_^ I got Gokurake Chuka Taisen on HU card :) I love the other games in this series so I hope this one will be as good, if not better ;D

Gokuraku Chuka Taisen - PC Engine

Apparently Rock n’ Roll Racing for SNES is supposed to be rad, haven’t tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to it ^_^ It’s NTSC, but now I have an NTSC SNES so I feel comfortable buying this region as well :)

Rock n' Roll Racing - Super Nintendo

I found these C64 carts that I jus thad to have, since they had such amazing artwork haha ^_^ I love how the guy on the cover of Saboteur is both jumping, kicking and shooting a gun at the same time, with such precision! hahaha :D

Hysteria & Saboteur! - C64

I also got some games for the Nokia N-Gage, a few weeks ago I bought two N-Gage systems so now I also have games for them ;D It’s Sonic and Crash Bandicoot, so hopefully they haven’t screwed that up..

From MXS I bought two handheld Game & Watch clones, one was called Hungry Elephant and the other one Sky Invaders. Unfortunately Sky Invaders didn’t have a hatch over the battery slot, and it didn’t seem to work when I held batteries in there :/ But I got them really cheap so I’m happy one of them worked :) I also bought a Tetris Jr. from Pixel, so cute! ^_^

I also found a Famicom pirate called Mechanized Attack II, I liked the cover and was curious of what was on it :) And I found a Game Boy game from Japanspel, I mainly bought this one for the ridiculous cover XD It’s called Tasmania Monogatari. Apart from this I found a cheap Sega Master System game I didn’t previously have.

I got some gifts from friends, like the Famicom matchbox from Pappas Pärlor and the mushroom and Sonic pin från Pixel K.A.F.E :) Thank you!! And I bought an amazing album that I have been listening to all week on Soundcloud from Professor Sakamoto! :D He performed at the festival and also at the after party ^_^ So talented and an amazing composer of chiptunes! At the bottom here I’ve embedded a few videos I filmed from his performances :) Go check him out!

Professor Sakamoto - Solar Soldier

Apart from all this my friend David showed up with all the ZX Spectrum games and other stuff I had bought from him earlier :) So I came home with 42 new Speccy games! (which I’m pretty sure is more than I paid for ;D) Thanks David! Apart from the Spectrum games I had bought a perfect case for storing Atari 2600 cartridges, or Famicom games :D But preferrably Atari 2600.. and a Neo Geo MVS game, Super Sidekicks 2. It’s football >_< but it was cheap :)

This year at Retrospelsfestivalen I also had a table where I sold off some doubles, I’m happy with how my table turned out ^_^ First time ever selling games!! It’s hard since I’m a hoarder by nature ;D hahaha! I set up a PC Engine with Coryoon so people could try out this awesome game ^_^ Unfortunately I didn’t sell too many of the japanese games, a lot of people don’t have the consoles for it here. Most people are into PAL NES and SNES.. :/ Also my fiancé was taking care of the table all day, and he is completely clueless when it comes to games! LOL!  I appreciate his support though, and people told me he was friendly ^_^

Here’s the videos from Professor Sakamoto’s performance at Retrospelsfestivalen 2015! Check them out! So much awesome!! :D



5 thoughts on “Retrospelsfestivalen 2015 – the loot!!!

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  2. I use to play a lot of Rock n’ Roll Racing for the SNES when it was current. I really loved that game. Great controls and you can buy upgrades for your cars as you progress. It’s really a lot of fun! Very nice find :)

    You gotta buy those Neo Geo games whenever you find them! They don’t show up very often at all. Karnov’s Revenge is also known as Fighter’s History Dynamite. So be careful you don’t buy it twice! :)
    It’s an OK fighter and I think worth having for the right price. Same with Super Side Kicks 2. And it looks like the labels on both of yours have serial numbers and are in great shape. That’s a nice plus!
    I’m like you and I’m not much into Fighters but ever since I got the Neo Geo I’ve been playing Ninja Master’s and I really do like it. I know among the Neo scene it’s not considered one of the better fighters but it looks fantastic and plays really well.

    I checked out Professor Sakamot and he really is pretty awesome. He’s beyond a Master Level of Chip-Tunes… he’s a Wizard!

    • God damnit! Then I already have it >_< hahaha, so typical! Then again, I think my Fighter's History Dynamite is for AES.. so at least I have use for it in my cab :) Don't have a lot of fighting games on MVS ;D
      I paid about 33 Canadian Dollars for Karnov.. I think that's pretty fair, we went after the MVS price guide online.
      I don't remember what I paid for Super Side Kicks 2.. but it was from a friend, so I think it was cheap :)

      I recently got Waku Waku 7, and THAT is a fun fighting game ;D It's got a GIANT KITTY!!! That looks like Totoro!! :D :D :D

      Haha he sure is! :D He started playing piano when he was 4! And he has a perfect ear for music and loves Famicom ^_^ My kind of guy! :D I even got to pick a Famicom cart and insert it into his helmet-Famicom, I of course picked Castlevania and then he played it ^_____^ so cool!

      • OK, $33 CAD for a Neo Geo MVS cart is a great deal. The only games you might get a wee bit cheaper are sports games.
        Many common MVS carts run about $60-$100 CAD. I think you did really well. And yeah, having a game for the MVS and the same title for the AES is good in my books :) I would have done it!
        I also recently got Waku Waku 7 for $100 CAD. It’s a very different fighting game and very cool for the same reasons you said. It’s whacked! :P
        And even though I didn’t think of it at first I can totally see what you mean about that cat looking like Totoro.
        …and I love that you know who Totoro is!

      • That’s the price that was stated for a loose cart on the MVS price guide, so I assume it’s fair :)
        I paid like $118 CAD for my Waku Waku 7, I’m happy though, it was better than I had expected ^_^
        Hehe, I do know a bit of Ghibli ;D Those movies are awesome ^_^ Even though I’m not that into Anime it’s hard not to notice some of the big titles ^_^ My best friend Becki is really into anime, so I can probably recognise quite a few characters from various series ;D

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