I’m on the Retro Asylum podcast! :D

I was invited to be on the Retro Asylum show, which is the UK’s biggest retro gaming podcast! :D They have a new series called Bytesize where they discuss various things with various people and I got to talk with Paul Davies from Retro Asylum for about an hour. It was a lot of fun and we talked about all kinds of retro game related subjects :) I got to explain a bit about the Nintendo culture in Sweden and talk about my collection ^_^ It was great fun! :D

You can listen to the episode here >>
It can also be found on iTunes if you search for Retro Asylum :)

This is the awesome poster they put together for this episode ^_^

Heidi stopXwhispering on Retro Asylum podcast

5 thoughts on “I’m on the Retro Asylum podcast! :D

  1. It was very interesting I had no idea that Sweden had got the Nes, or Nintendo Club, before most countries in Europe. I live in Portugal and I guess that, a bit like in the UK, Sega (and now Sony) was always a bit more popular here. There were always some people with Nintendo tough (me included :) . It ended up being really nice because, besides playing the nintendo games, you always had a friend with a Mega Drive and so got exposed to more games that way!

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