Game Room updated!

A lot has been happening this year, both outside the game room and inside! I have gotten myself another arcade machine, a Blast City from Sega. It’s fitted with a 4-slot Neo Geo MVS board, so I have yet another way to play all the MVS games I’ve bought instead of using the converter in my AES. I made room for the candy cab in the game room, and this lead to a bit of re-arranging for it to fit. I’ve also increased the amount of gaming stations, with more TV’s! :D So many TV’s!! There’s a total of 20 in the room right now ^_^

I have updated my video game collection page on here, but here’s most of the new pictures as well! :) The collection keeps growing :D

Heidi stopXwhispering's Retro Game Room

Retro Game Room Setup

Heidi stopXwhispering's Retro Game Room

Heidi stopXwhispering's Retro Game Room setup

Heidi stopXwhispering's Retro Game Room setup

Blast City arcade

Heidi stopXwhispering's Retro Game Room

Famicom love

Me in my retro game room

I’ve been visiting a lot of gaming conventions this year, which also means acquiring a lot of new retro games ;D I will hopefully have some time this christmas to update the various libraries with scans on the site and perhaps add some new ones :) Meanwhile I am always on instagram posting retro game related stuff whenever I’m gaming or whatever ^_^ Feel free to follow me on there > @retro_gaming

Don’t forget to check out my other site where me and my gals post all types of nerdy things! The latest post was about a retro gaming competition I hosted for the first Geeky Gals Gathering which was very successful, we had a lot of fun! ^_^

32 thoughts on “Game Room updated!

    • Haha no, it’s not really a problem, I’ve very structured and organised when it comes to my games ;D I get kind of OCD when it comes to sorting, I sort everything by console, and in alphabetical order, so whenever I buy a new game I know where it goes ^_^ The only problem is when I run out of shelf space ;D But I know where absolutely everything is in the room, always ^_^

      • I love that you make the offer! Thank you.
        And it’s something that I take seriously. Someday I hope to make it happen! My wife loves to travel so that greatly increases the odds :) She’s not into retro gaming so she’ll be a bit of a party crasher but I still think we can find a way to make it work :D

  1. Excellent collection. I have started collecting a little later than most but the collection is coming along nicely including a 1978 Atari Ultrapong console. Unfortunately my main room is a little small for a good multi TV setup so i’m having to design a Muli-to-one cable setup using scart/AV/Comp and HDMI switchers to one TV. Its amazing to see so many retro fans are still kicking. Being 31 i think our generation are really the last bunch to fully “get” the retro experience and love. Keep it up Heidi, totally jealous of course :P

  2. Holy mother of retro gaming Jesus that’s quite the collection you have. Some gamer I am, I don’t even recognise most of that stuff haha.


  4. That is extremely impressive. I especially like your castlevania collection. I’m still trying to find a copy of castlevania chronicles for a decent price.

  5. Actually that is more then impressive. Personally I think the way you arranged your room is by far a lot more interesting and classy then most retro gaming “Man caves” I’ve seen. You have lot’s of other retro gaming related “glittering” collectibles there, that really adds to the value. Way to go Swedish!

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