Pac Land Re-visited

Somebody told me that Pac-Land had been an original arcade, preceding even Super Mario and being one of the first side scrolling platform games made. This got me curious, so I went on wikipedia and gained knew knowledge about the game, the story and ALSO the gameplay!

Apparently when you reach the end of stage 3 (Fairy-Land) you have a fairy in your hat which Pac-Man gives to the Fairy Queen and receives Magic Boots in return that can make him jump repeatedly.. this is definitely NOT obvious in the game, there isn’t even a slight animation of anything out of the ordinary happening. Therefore I never made it any further than stage 4, where there’s immediately a giant gap I couldn’t get passed.

Now being able to jump more than once changes everything, I beat that stage in the first try! But then there’s more stages with the same objective, reach Fairy Land, get boots, go back, but they have a higher difficulty level.. so I got stuck on stage 5, where you have once again the ability to only jump ones and there’s a gap that just cannot be crossed.. I give up and this is officially an annoying, frustrating and therefore SHITTY game >_<

Here’s a video of how you get passed the first gap at least, and you get a glimpse of stage 5 ;D It’s also in better quality recording than the last Pac-Land video, but the graphics of the game still suck!! Enjoy!