Die Hard Trilogy

Continuing on the theme of games based on movies, here’s a review of Die Hard Trilogy for Sega Saturn!

As the title suggests, all three movies are in the game. You get to choose which of the films you want to play (after way too many loading screens…) so I started with the first one.

First of all I was amazed at how AWFUL the graphics were, then again I’m used to either Xbox 360, or the 8- & 16-bit 2D games, so I always get surprised seeing the stages of graphical evolvement in-between there… I’ve played quite a lot of Dreamcast, but this is just before that, where CD was the shit and they put real footage and films into the games to make them look “better”, but it was just awful.. Even the N64 games looks better o_O they at least mainly stayed with the ‘cartoony’ graphics instead of trying to make it look ‘real’.

I also got really annoyed by the controls, it was stiff and really hard to move the dude around, and there was no aim, you just kind of pointed and shot.. however after I while you get into it, and all the violence just starts getting entertaining. All of a sudden I realized I was enjoying the game, and I made it to stage two, but then I died, and after dying you’re game over (!). One life, no continues. That’s die hard.. I guess it’s realistic though, but still, this is supposed to be a game!

So basically the game is about shooting down bad guys and saving hostages and you have to advance through the different floors of the building. But I went straight onto the second movie…

Now this movie had a totally different game style! Instead of third person you go into first person and you can’t steer the camera. You just get on the camera ride through the airport and try to aim and shoot at the… baddies.. (sometimes russian, sometimes german..)

WHOOPS! Still you have to try to save hostages that are being guarded by bad guys, however I tend to keep killing them off.. unintentionally of course ;D

It’s quite brutal at times…

Just look at that skeleton flying towards me!! =D

This game never gives you any instructions.. there was a ticking number that kept occurring during this stage and it said “SAFE”.. Safe what? Is there a safe being broken into at the airport? How do I stop it? I can’t go past the camera angles that the game gives me, so I just kept popping bad guys. The “SAFE” timer usually just counted to zero and nothing happened. But like the fourth time it appeared I was game over after it finished counting.. o_O I don’t know why, so I went on to the next movie instead.

In this game you can just forget everything you’ve learned in the previous two, cause this is once again a whole new type of game. It’s a racing game!

You just get put in a car and have to drive down a linear road, without instructions.. I just stepped on it and tried to make it to the end of the road (cause I figured there must be something I’m heading towards..) as fast as I could, and I didn’t make it…. I had 3 tries here (instead of the previous one-miss-and-you’re-Game-Over type of attitude the previous two movies had), but I still wasn’t close to making it.. even though I didn’t crash or anything in at least one of the tries.. I don’t get it!!!

Shitty shitty game! This just pissed me off! I started liking the first movie, but then the game just thought “Oh yeah? you like this? well fuck you, then we’ll make you play completely different!”

Another reoccurring thing in this game was explosions… everywhere.. all the time.. they just blew shit up.. I guess it’s a “reference” to the movie? I dunno..

Woah, what does that last one remind you of? yikes… O_o but Sega didn’t know at the time :/

So anyway, here’s a movie I put together of the gameplay through the three movies of Die Hard Trilogy on Sega Saturn, check it out ^_^

AVGN made a review of another Die Hard game, it’s worth watching =) It’s Die Hard for NES.

Lemmings 3D! WTF!!

Tonight I started trying out all my new Sega Saturn games. The first one was Lemmings 3D. I like Lemmings, the old ones for Sega Mega Drive (a.k.a. Genesis), so I figured this couldn’t go wrong. Lemmings, in 3D!! Just the thought of it was blowing my mind.. how disappointed was I…

This game was the biggest WTF-experience for me this year, how they were even allowed to release this kind of shit eludes me.. The graphics are horrible, however I guess they were restricted by the capacity of the Saturn, but I mean, there are better looking games for that console. The controls are indescribable, nothing makes sense and no matter what you are trying to press nothing happens that advances the gameplay. I just moved around the camera angle for 30 minutes and could hardly get that to work in my favor..

Why did they even try to make Lemmings anything other than a 2-D side-scroller, this is what works best for this type of game, why change something that was already good? They could have just enhanced the graphics and maybe added some quirky extra actions with the evolved Saturn controller that had more buttons?

Well just watch this video I made of the gameplay and you will understand why this game sucks ass…

Sega Saturn Game Lot!

I got the games I ordered to my Sega Saturn. The games are: The Lost World : Jurassic Park, Wipeout 2097, Die Hard Trilogy, Gun Griffon, Tomb Raider, Black Dawn, Ghen Wars, Sega Ages Volume 1, Lemmings 3D, Panzer Dragoon II, Street Racer, Virtual On and Crackdown for Sega Megadrive (or Genesis as they call it in the US).

Most of the games I bought mainly ’cause they were extremely cheap, and that also most definitely means that they are crappy, but there’s a charm to playing even the crappy games sometimes, AVGN made that abundantly clear ^^
The only slightly pricier one was Panzer Dragoon II, I read that it was a great game though (the first one, but I assume that the sequel must at least be tolerable as well then).

I bought Crackdown to Mega Drive because it made me think of the Crackdown games for Xbox 360 (which I strongly enjoy), and deep down I was hoping that it was a long forgotten prequel to these games.. it’s most likely not though..

There was no picture of the Crackdown game when I ordered it, so naturally I googled it to see what it actually was. This is what I found…

I had seen this picture before, on some joke-site or something, and I thought: “For real?! Coooool! You fight a giant evil goat! And you’re playing as kickass 90’s Arnold/Jackie Chan wannabes with a sidekick chimp and… star troopers?!? AWESOME!”

Now.. google can be misleading sometimes. I of course got the boring PAL version. This made me go deeper into google’s black depth of facts and fiction and this is what I found:

The first one must be fake ’cause I only found one single picture of it on one single actual box cover. The second one appeared multiple times when googling the US version (Genesis) so it must be the official US release. The third one has Japanese writing in top right corner, so it’s the Japanese release. And the last one is the one I got… kind of resembles the first picture, evil guy in the back (but not a goat..), two armed guys in front (however no machine guns or Jackie Chan wannabes, instead caucasian blondes in colourful tights! AND NO MONKEYS OR STAR TROOPERS!!!) Damn.. that’s disappointing..

So I’ve tried playing Crackdown for Sega Megadrive, and it was actually pretty good. It had an intro telling the story of two agents having to plant special bombs. Best of all it has a multiplayer mode where you co-op through the missions, and good music. The gameplay was smooth and easy controls, you could sneak up against walls, shoot different weapons or knock out bad guys with your fists, and shoot in 8 different directions.

Downside.. the actual gameplay takes place in only like 1/4 part of the screen! What’s up with that?!? Do I RLY! need to know every tiny little detail about the different bad guys on each stage? Couldn’t the ammo and life info be displayed discretely in the bottom of the screen over the actual gameplay, like in any other game like Super Mario Bros for example? Well, apart from that it seemed like a good game. I’ll review the Saturn games later =)

I got a Sega Saturn for Xmas!!

So this is my first post, I always hate having to write this first one, it will just be looking so pathetic and alone on an all new blog, awaiting it’s peers..

Anyway, lately I’ve been watching quite a lot of AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd), I really do love that guy ^_^  Perhaps that’s why I finally set off to start a blog about something I find really interesting, and perhaps this time I will keep it updated and not slowly fade  away into the No-Internet-Zone..

This Xmas I got a really nice gift from my boyfriend, the Sega Saturn! Which was the last console that I needed to complete my collection of Sega (well, except for the Game Gear which is a portable console… but all in time.. all in good time). I’ve actually never even played on a Sega Saturn, so now I’ve gained a lot of new experiences! or something..

Sega Saturn in original box

Apart from the Sega Saturn in original box, controllers and all I also got three games for it. Soviet Strike, Trash it (brand new and sealed) and Virtua Fighter 2, which the game retailer had recommended to my boyfriend who bought it for me. So these are the only three games that I have played so far for the Sega Saturn..

Soviet Strike was a bit of a disappointment, it was partly story based and the version he got for me was French. The one language that makes no fucking sense to me whatsoever! ABO?! I am fluent in English, Swedish, I speak German and Japanese, I have slight understanding in many other languages, BUT fucking French (even after having lived with a French guy for several years!!). So yeah, I tried blowing up some stuff with the chopper, but had no clue what the objective was, since they were yelling it repeatedly to me in FRENCH! I turned it off shortly after..

I briefly tried playing some Virtua Fighter against my boyfriend, that was like 2 weeks ago, and seriously, I have no freaking recollection of even playing the game!! Seriously! That’s how bad it was, well actually not even bad, since if it was horrible I would have remembered HOW horrible. It was just … pale.. apparently plain boring, unimpressive graphic, plain controls, I dunno.. then again I’m not that into fighting games..

Trash it definitely looked like the best game of the three, the screen-shots on the back looked exciting, the gameplay looked intriguing, however…. I never opened it… Since it’s still in it’s original packing I didn’t wanna break it because I’m a collector.. >_< I did look up some videos of the actual gameplay and it would probably have been the best of the three. I guess I’m gonna have to buy another Trash it, in used state so I get to try it!?! ;P

All in all though I’m really happy having the Sega Saturn, and I spent the following week on Ebay finding other games for it, they will probably arrive tomorrow!

Bye for now /stopXwhispering