Updates in the Famicom Collection

It’s been a busy week.. first I got this huuuge package of games from Japan:

Sorting, cleaning, organizing and trying them all out has been taking some time. BTW, I really love the japanese store stickers, they are always so easy to just peel off without any effort! :D And from this Ebay seller the stickers even had a corner folded in so it was really easy to grip and rip ^^

Apart from that I have been updating my Famicom Collection, now I am finished with “S” which was the largest letter! 64 games just starting with the letter “S”! I also added a few other new additions like Lot Lot, Mississippi Satsujin Jiken, Madara,  Maniac Mansion, Meikyuu Jima (Kickle Cubicle), Ninja Jajamara Kun, Obake no Q Tarou,  Paaman, Perfect Bowling, Puzslot, Quinty etc.. You can check them all out in my Famicom Collection >>

Some games I would like to highlight:

A really fun platformer, where each boss battle is like a boardgame race to the finish line, even though it’s in japanese it’s quite easy to follow ^_^

A fun puzzle game, kind of like Columns where you have to match colors and shapes falling down in pairs, except here you first have to stop the slot-machine-like pieces so it’s quite random what you will get and if you don’t stop them fast enough you won’t have time to place them correctly.

Salamander (Life Force)_
Salamander (Life Force)
I love this shooter!! Great music, great gameplay ^_^

kyattou ninden teyandee (Samurai Pizza Cats)
Kyattou Ninden Teyandee (Samurai Pizza Cats)
Another game I added today. A really fun platformer where you can change between different cat characters that have various abilities :)

Seikima II; Akuma no Gyakushu
Seikima II: Akuma no Gyakushu
An entertaining platformer based on a heavy metal band. It’s really hard though.

Seirei Densetsu Lickle (Little Samson)
Seirei Densetsu Lickle (Little Samson)
A great platformer that I think most people know about already. It looks really great, and sounds really great and it’s fun to play ^_^

Shufflepuck Café
Shufflepuck Café
A really interesting air hockey type game. I’ve made a review of it here >>

Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti_
Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti 
A really cute but still brutal platformer! I’ve made a review of it here >>

Star Wars
Star Wars
Gotta love Star Wars ^^ This one is a platformer. It’s really hard!! AVGN mentions it in his Star Wars episode >>

Street Fighter 2010_
Street Fighter 2010
A really challenging and well made platformer. AVGN has a great review of this one as well, check it out here >>

Super Mario USA_
Super Mario USA
And of course I have added all of my Super Mario games for the Famicom as well. Super Mario USA is the Japanese release of the PAL/NTSC  Super Mario Bros 2 :)

Shufflepuck Café for Famicom

This is a game I’ve been playing quite a lot lately. It’s fun, entertaining, but super hard o_O

You have a bunch of opponents in some kind of cyber-futuristic café (looks more like a bar) where you can battle each of them in a game of “shufflepuck” which resembles air hockey.

The story: “You are the galaxy’s most successful Krypton-3 salesman on the way to close the biggest sale of your career. Your brand new Nash Sombrero has blown a capacitor in the reactor valve. You exit the gravy and coast down into the wrong side of town. Now all you need to do is find a phone and a repair sled will be on its way. The only signs of life seem to be coming from a shoddy structure three doors down and across the street. Opening the door you make your way down a flight of debris-covered stairs. Something loathsome scampers over your feet on its way to the activities below. A shout of recognition is heard as whatever it was enters the smoke-filled room. You stumble into the room and suddenly it’s as silent as the depths of space. Several pairs of hostile eyes, and a few sets of three, challenge you to enter. The only thing that stands between you and the telephone is eight galactic misfits, and obsolete droid and a few “friendly” games of shuffle puck. Relax, if you lose, you’ll earn their contempt. Win, and you’ll earn their resentment.”

All of the opponents are different, they all have different styles of playing and various difficulty levels (where most of them are ridiculously hard, and some even unbeatable!!)

The only easy one is Skip, some kid that just moves in slow-motion when you’re playing against him.

The goal is to get a score of 15 first. There are only 2 or three other opponents that I have even a chance of beating.

This is Vinnie, winning over me.. .>_<

This is Visine beating me..

This is the grim reaper.. or I mean, Nerval (!?)…

Here’s the drunken Lexon getting wasted whenever he scores…

Here’s the General:

Here’s DC3 the Robot waitress with nipples o_O

And Biff with anger management issues.. damn, he really wants to kick your ass!

I did get a few hits in there though.. ^^ pure luck…

And this is Bejin, the worst opponent there is.. she cheats by using the force!!

All in all, an entertaining game which also brings quite a lot of frustration ;D

Here’s a video I put together of the gameplay, the music is quite good :) in between stages that is, during stages you only have the sound effect of the puck bouncing around >_<