Sharp’s Twin Famicom and the Twin Famicom Turbo!

The japanese Famicom is the equivalent of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), they later released a Disk System to go with the Famicom, and after that Sharp produced this Twin Famicom which had the Disk System integrated with the console so you didn’t have to have two power adaptors. It was first released in 1986 :)

I recently bought three more Twin Famicoms! Don’t ask me why I need to have four Twin Famicoms, but they are just all so pretty! And I really love the Famicom so I just figured I’d collect the hardware as well ^_^ The Twin Famicom is definitely my favorite Famicom system :) Then again, I don’t have the toploader to compare with yet.. I think I’m only missing one Twin Famicom now though :)

Two of the consoles are Twin Famicom Turbo systems :D This means that the controllers have built in Turbo buttons. One of them is pale orange, I thought it was sunfaded but was told it comes in this color! The one I had before is brighter red. They also have different colours on the controllers. You can see the difference here, the right one is my old one, the left one is the new Twin Famicom Turbo:

Sharp Twin Famicom red and pale orange

I will call it orange from here on. The orange Twin Famicom Turbo from Sharp has a darker red eject-button and beige / blue-grey elements. This one is called Sharp Twin Famicom AN-505.

Sharp Twin Famicom AN-505Sharp Twin Famicom AN-505 controllers 1 and 2 Sharp Twin Famicom AN-505 controllersSharp Twin Famicom AN-505 detail

Another system I got was the darker version of the Twin Famicom Turbo. This one is black with green and grey-purple elements. This one has the same name as the orange one, Sharp Twin Famicom AN-505.

Twin Famicom TurboTwin Famicom Turbo controllers 1 and 2Twin Famicom Turbo controllersTwin Famicom Turbo detail 2

The third one I got a bit earlier is a regular Twin Famicom without Turbo buttons on the controllers. This one has a matt finish in dark grey with pale red and green details. This one has the same “Famicom” text on the top as my old red one. I like the design of this text better than the straight one on the Turbo’s. This one is called Sharp Twin Famicom AN-500B. The name differs from my first red one which is called AN-500R, but I’m not sure what the technical differences are.

Sharp Twin Famicom detail 2Sharp Twin Famicom 2Sharp Twin Famicom controllersSharp Twin FamicomSharp Twin Famicom detail

What’s interesting is that all the Twin Famicoms have led lights in the power button, except for my red Twin Famicom. Here’s the various fronts of the consoles:
Edit: The dark grey Twin Famicom is supposed to have a red power button without the light, it’s been modded ;)

Sharp Twin Famicom AN-505 frontRed Twin Famicom frontTwin Famicom Turbo frontSharp Twin Famicom front

And here’s some more pictures to compare the versions:

Sharp Twin Famicom AN-505 orange detail 2Twin Famicom Turbo detailSharp Twin Famicom detail 3Red Twin Famicom detail

Now I just need to find some space for all these beauties in my game room ;D Also if you wanna see some more pictures of my red Twin Famicom that I got a long time ago you can find them here >> 

So which one is your favorite? :D

Four different Twin Famicom systems

14 thoughts on “Sharp’s Twin Famicom and the Twin Famicom Turbo!

  1. I think I agree with you. I like the shape of the non-turbo famicom. Both the black and red look very nice. But the turbo’s still look good. I would love to have one if I didn’t fear getting into too many different systems!!

    Is the only difference between the turbo and non-turbo console the turbo buttons on the controllers? (As far as function is concerned)
    Can you use the turbo joysticks on the non-turbo famicon? If I were to guess I would say they work; even the rapid fire switches. Yes?

    And I love the giant numbers on the controllers! Very stylish. I think it looks way ahead of it’s time for design :)

    • I think my favorite is still the red one ^_^ But from the new ones the dark grey and red is my favorite ^^ I guess it’s mainly the straight “Twin Famicom” logo that turns me off :/ But yeah, they all have the same functions. I don’t know if the performance is in any way altered but I doubt it.. All four have an extra output for a controller on the side, so you could plug in whatever turbo joystick you’d want ^_^

  2. Some great photos there. Seeing as you are responsible for my Famicom addiction I think I should add a twin famicom to my collection so I can get some of those amazing disc games. Your fault!! :)

      • If you look at the last picture in the post it’s the one on the far right, the one with black details ^__^ it’s my favorite too ;) even though it’s not a turbo, but you can connect a turbo control on the side :)

  3. they look very clean. :) But I think the non-turbo dark console doesn’t have a LED in the power button as standard. It has a red button. Does it light up?

  4. I remember seeing one of these in your collection photos. I was instantly jealous ;)
    I like the looks of the darker ones, but there just aren’t that many orange or red consoles, so I’d have to pick one of those!

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