Retro Rumble 2014 December Edition!

This was the second Retro Rumble of 2014, the previous Retro Rumble took place in July. I had so many great people showing up to play and compete, it was amazing!  Here’s some pics from the evening :D
First game
The first game in the competition was Burai Fighter for the NES: highest score on first stage, one life and Ace difficulty :)

Second game
The second game in the competition was KatoChan & KenChan for the PC Engine: 1 life, first stage, no clues ;D, highest score. 

Third game 2
Third game was Crystal Castles for the Atari 2600: 1 life, highest score. I love this game :D It’s hard but some people managed to master it and reach several levels before dying ^_^

Gaming 4
Another game played in the competition was Ayrton Sienna’s Super Monaco GP II on the Sega Mega Drive: First lap on Free Run, Spain course, 7-gear manual, best time :) This time nobody crashed!! I guess it’s easier to crash into the signs in the first Super Monaco GP, this one is a bit more forgiving ;D

Semifinals 1 Semifinals 4 Semifinals 6
Then it was time for the Semi-finals! The four contenders were Klabbe, Gabbi, Super Mario Långben & Murazor! First game up was Spark World on the Super Famicom. This game is fun, and kind of exactly like Bomberman, except you are cars, that shoot sparks, and there’s loads more powerups :D The second game played was Sugoi Hebereke, also on Super Famicom, it’s a super-kawaii brawler with the Hebereke (Uforia) characters ^___^

Semifinals 7
Last game in the semi-finals was Super Tetris 3 on Super Famicom. After this Klabbe and Super Mario Långben continued on to the Finals!

Finals 8 Finals 4
In the Finals they competed in Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu on the PC Engine.

Finals TV outlaw
And also Outlaw for the Atari 2600 :D Brilliant game in multiplayer ^__^

Finals 9
And finally the fighting game Ranma 1/2 on Super Famicom. After this we had a victorious Retro Rumble champion!

And this was Super Mario Långben! (to the left) and Klabbe came in second ^_^ I also had a team competition, whoever’s team score came in first won the team-team-team prize!

Team team team
And here’s the A-TEAM! :D NinjaBrite, Gabbi & MissDeluxxe! Congrats girls ^_^ 

Fixed it!
Thanks everyone for joining in! And special thanks to Günther McSwaggah for helping me handle the camera while I was keeping scores and to Matt8Bit and Meckis for fixing my Magnavox Odyssey 2001! ^___^ We ended the evening playing Tennis and Hockey (Pong.. and Pong with obstacles… lol…) 

6 thoughts on “Retro Rumble 2014 December Edition!

  1. Looks like another great time!
    The game room looks great as always!
    And I really love those black display shelves that you have many of your consoles on. The ones with the green glowing glass shelves…. sooo nice!

    Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu has some really nice graphics. Love the TG-16/PC Engine!! How is the gameplay?

    And your NES R.O.B. the Robot looks great! I recently did a 3-way (yeah, I say 3-way) trade with Nintendo Joe to help score him a R.O.B. the Robot but he’s missing both his hands! If by chance you ever find some please let me know. I’d love to trade or buy them from you.

    One of these days I’m going to crash Retro Rumble :D

    • It’s IKEA ;D but yeah, I’m really happy with them ^_^
      I haven’t really played the game much myself (Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu), but the people seemed to enjoy it ^_^
      I’ll keep an eye out! :)
      You are extremely welcome to drop by! We’d have a blast! ;D

      • IKEA! Hmm, would you take any offense if I did the same? There is an IKEA very close to me. I doubt the inventory is the same but I’d like to check. Do you know the name of your shelves?
        I might take you up on your extremely nice reception of my boast about crashing a retro party someday! I’d get the wife and maybe even Nintendo Joe and his wife to plan a trip out there!

      • of course not ^_^ feel free to copy as much as you’d like ^_^ Everybody deserves an awesome game room! :D haha
        Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it though.. but if they still have it it should be easy to spot in the store, it’s got glass shelves and glass on the top and lights inside :)
        You definitely should! I have two double bedrooms in my guest apartment ;D

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