SNK’s Neo Geo AES!!!

Those of you following my instagram might already have gotten a sneak-peak at my latest addition to my collection. This one is a huge one! :D My friend theSegaDude delivered once again and let me buy his SNK Neo Geo AES collection!! After he got himself the MVS arcade cabinet he didn’t feel he needed to keep the AES as well, and he was kind enough to offer me to buy it first :D Thank you Eric!!!!!!! I’m lucky to have such wonderful retro gaming friends ^___^

The Neo Geo AES came with two original arcade controllers and 30 games!! I’m stoked ^_^ Here’s what the system looks like:

Neo Geo AES console systemNeo Geo AES console  Neo Geo SNK Neo Geo Reset

The design looks just like I expected but it’s a little bit bigger than I thought, since I had the Neo Geo X gold limited edition system I thought that this one was an exact replica, but it’s in fact a bit smaller than the original AES :) Here’s what the arcade stick look like, they’re a bit worn but works perfectly ^_^ One of them even came in a box! :D

Neo Geo original Arcade stick

I haven’t gotten the time to try all of the games out yet, but I’ve tried a few. I’m working on a video of some that I played with my friend NinjaBrite the other day, the rest you will see whenever I’ve had the time to play them :) Meanwhile, here’s some pics of all the boxes :D There’s of course a lot of Fighting games which the Neo Geo is famous for, and that’s not really my thing but there are other games as well! ^_^ (To all of you fighting game fans I apologize, I won’t be putting any focus on these games right now since it’s just not my genre of choice, if there is however a fighting game below that you would want me to try out and write about then let me know) ;)

Neo Geo Game - Art of Fighting Ryuukonoken  Neo Geo Game - Art of Fighting Ryuukonoken 2
Neo Geo Game - Baseball Stars Professional  Neo Geo Game - Fatal Fury Garou Densetsu 2

Blue’s journey is a game I’m interested in trying! Since I love platform games this one might be right up my alley ^_^

Neo Geo Game - Blue's Journey

Cyber-Lip was the first game I tried out. I played it through with NinjaBrite, not once but TWO times! It’s kind of like Contra, except you can’t shoot diagonally >-< The only bad thing about it is basically that it’s a bit short, otherwise it’s a nice little sidescrolling action game with pretty cool cutscenes ^__^

Neo Geo Game - Cyber-LipNeo Geo Game - Fatal Fury Garou Densetsu Real Bout Special  Neo Geo Game - Fatal Fury Garou Densetsu Special
Neo Geo Game - Fatal Fury Garou Densetsu The Battle of Destiny Neo Geo Game - Fighter's History Dynamite

Crossed Swords is also a game I think I might enjoy, haven’t tried this one out yet though :)

Neo Geo Game - Crossed Swords

I have also played some Eightman in two player co-op mode with NinjaBrite, and this was a really great one! A bit hard though, and we didn’t manage to finish it.. you didn’t have unlimited continues which a lot of other Neo Geo AES games offer..

Neo Geo Game - EightmanNeo Geo Game - Fire Suplex  Neo Geo Game - King of the Monsters 2

We also tried out Ghost Pilots. The graphics were nice and it’s co-op, but it got extremely repetitive. You have unlimited continues so eventually you’re not even paying attention any more.. it got kind of boring..

Neo Geo Game - Ghost Pilots

I haven’t tried Magician Lord on the AES yet, but I’ve played it through on the Neo Geo X Gold, it’s a great sidescrolling adventure game :D Difficult, but the unlimited continues makes it easier ^^ There’s still so much variation in the stages and such that it keeps you going out of curiousity to see the ending :D I made a video about the ridiculous lines with voice-overs in this game, you can check out that video here on my youtube channel >>

Neo Geo Game - Magician LordNeo Geo game - Riding Hero  Neo Geo Game - Samurai Spirits

I’ve been told that NAM-1975 is a good one, I’m eager to try this one out ^__^

Neo Geo Game - Nam 1975

I’m also excited to try Ninja Combat ^_^

Neo Geo Game - Ninja CombatNeo Geo Game - Samurai Spirits something  Neo Geo Game - Samurai Spirits Zankuro Musouken

I have also played some Sengoku with NinjaBrite. Great co-op game, but really really odd! :D It reminded me of Shiten Myooh for the Sega Mega Drive, in the fact that you had several characters you could switch between, but they could die and then you would loose them. You also picked up orbs that you had no clue what they did ;D Just like in Shiten Myooh! haha Kind of trippy game, but I recommend it! :D

Neo Geo Game - SengokuNeo Geo game - Super Baseball 2020  Neo Geo Game - The King of Fighters 94
Neo Geo Game - The King of Fighters 95  Neo Geo Game - World Heroes

From this one, The Super Spy, I’m not sure what to expect, haven’t tried it out yet. It could be good, but it could also be bad ;D

Neo Geo Game - The Super SpyNeo Geo Game - World Heroes 2  Neo Geo Game - World Heroes Jet 2

That’s all for my Neo Geo update right now. I will return with more once I’ve gotten the time to play some more games ^__^ I’m extremely happy to finally have the AES, and a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Eric, theSegaDude :D


15 thoughts on “SNK’s Neo Geo AES!!!

  1. What a fantastic collection! You’re inspiring me to photograph and blog about my own collection (even if it pales in comparison and is a tiny collection compared to yours). Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. I am very glad the Neo Geo arrived safely! I know for certain that your AES started in Japan and eventually moved to the US. Then it made Canada home for a while and now it is in Sweden :) Pretty cool.

    The Super Spy is not so hot. It’s cool and you’ll enjoy trying it out but it’s a bit repetitive. Crossed Sword is similar in gameplay but it’s really excellent! I really like Crossed Swords. I’m eager to hear what you think of it.

    NAM-1975 is also very good. The game is very hard. Partly because the controls are very unique. You can’t move while you’re shooting you so have to play very close attention to what coming at you while you’re shooting the baddie to bits. Great game!

    Sengoku is fun. It’s not the best beat’em up but it’s good. Those balls you collect are what end up teleporting you to the past and while fighting in the past you earn spirits (or something) that you can transforming into when you’re back in the present. So you’re not really switching between characters but transforming. I know small difference :) I read that Sengoku 2 is really good.

    When you’re ready to try a fighting game I would recommend Samurai Spirits 3. Back when the SNES was new I use to play a Street Fighter II and I like it but I was never really into fighting games. But playing something like Samurai Spirits on the Neo Geo is awesome. It’s a much richer experience playing a fully power arcade game. There’s a lot of depth and so much under the hood that you wouldn’t notice until you start playing. I am much more interested in fighting games now thanks to my Neo Geo :)

    The one and only thing I don’t like about the Neo Geo AES is that some games allow unlimited credits. When you can beat a game without really learning it and without earning it the game gets devalued. I bet Cyber Lip would not feel short if you had only 3 or 4 credits :P
    But not many games do this so you’ll have a bunch of serious challenges coming your way! :)

    I haven’t played much of Blue’s Journey but I think it will be a lot of fun! I just got it for my Neo Geo MVS.

    It’s really super common to find NEO GEO joysticks with the ball showing many small cracks. They don’t age well. But when I was using them it’s nothing I could feel and they were in one piece. I believe they will stay that way.
    But the good news is that the joystick ball is still a common arcade component and you could order replacements for very cheap.

    I hope you LOVE your new Neo Geo!! :) I’m very happy it went to a good home!

    • It sure has made a great journey ;D But I promise you it’s in a loving home right now ;D lol
      I think I will try out Crossed Swords and NAM-1975 next, they seem promising ^_^
      Oh cool, thanks for explaining, it wasn’t obvious, we were extremely confused while playing Sengoku, but we had a lot of fun! haha
      I might have to go look for Sengoku 2 ;D
      Do you have unlimited continues on the MVS? Do you have to put coins in or how does it work? :)

      • Normally on a Neo Geo MVS you have to put in coins or manually press a trigger inside the machine. So by default you have unlimited continues for everything.
        But I installed the Unibios ( which allows you to switch the MVS into home mode; which is the same as the AES.
        So now for all the games that have limited credits I will be limited! I like it that way. It’s important to keep the challenge.

  3. Amazing Neo Geo AES collection. You have there some great games. It’s my favourite platform, way ahead of his time. Congrats. ;)

  4. Neo-Geo… An impossible dream of my youth, reachable only on rentals here (Brazil). Great pics, do you mind if I use one of them to illustrate my article about the history of NG (giving you credit, of course)? Thank you!

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