Cassette-rack-box-thingy for my C64 games!!

This weekend I went to a second hand store and found the most awesome thing I’ve found in years!! The second hand stores around where I live never sells games, I usually see antique stores and random charity shops to loot for decorative nonsense, jewelry and interior stuff like furniture and such (yes I do buy other things than games sometimes) ;D

But this time I found something that was completely and utterly useful and fit right into my Retro Room!! A vintage cassette rack box thingy!!

Cassette box

It’s all orange and pretty, which is the color I’ve been using in my gaming room ^_^ It fits right in!! AND now I have a really clever storage for my Commodore 64 games :D

Cassette box with C64 games!!
And it looks awesome when it’s filled with some C64 cassettes ^__^

Cassette box with C64 games!

There’s even some room left in one corner so I can buy even MORE games for the C64 :D Any good suggestions of what the must-haves for Commodore 64 would be? ^^