Famicom catalogue update!

My Famicom collection page was getting so massive that I had problems loading it even when I was just trying to edit! Therefore I have now re-designed the page and split it into sorting games from A-Z! (and yes, I actually have Famicom games in every single letter, except for X…)

This should hopefully make it easier to browse through the games for the visitor as well ^_^ Both in the top and bottom will be an alphabet of links to each page, like this:


I have also added a few new games to it. So far there’s 481 games in the list, I do however have a bit above 100 more to put in there under various letters. I’ll get to that soon ^_^

Every game is also labeled with their code on the cartridge, so if you are searching for a certain game that you have but need the name of you can search it in my search box and the correct page will pop up! :D

arrows Search
arrows search results
arrows Super Rescue Solbrainarrows
omfg yay!

Oh, and I’ve also added three stars to a few of my personal favorites ^_^ So if you see stars it might actually be a f*cking awesome game!! :D ★★★

So what are you waiting for?? Go check out my new FAMICOM LIBRARY! :D