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This page will contain the latest pictures of my Game Room (or as I like to call it “Retro Room”) so you get an idea of what my retro game collection looks like ^_^ I have been collecting since around 2002 and have amassed over 6000+ games and over 260+ systems (counting handhelds and some doubles, like different regions and stuff).

So here’s the pictures of my game room, in the bottom you can find links to what it used to look like before ^_^ There’s also links to sites that have written about my collection and other sites that I contribute to :)

Me in my retro game room

Retro Game Room Setup

Heidi stopXwhispering's Retro Game Room

These following pics are from early 2015, before I had the Blast City and rearranged a bit.

Retro-Game-Room stopXwhispering's-game-collection

Click the gallery images below to view them full size and browse between them :)

If you wanna see a video tour of my game room (from 2014) that GamingGrannar made then check out this post:
My Game Room & Collection 2014

If you wanna see my Game Room in action then check out the posts from my yearly Retro Rumble competitions:
Retro Rumble 2016 winter edition
Retro Rumble 2016 Bachelor Party Edition
Retro Rumble 2016
Retro Rumble 2014 December Edition
Retro Rumble 2014
Retro Rumble 2013

If you wanna see a video tour I made of my previous game room you can see it here:
Video tour of my Game Room

If you wanna see pictures from my previous game room you find them here:
GAME COLLECTION: My Retro Room re-visited

If you wanna see what my first Game Room looked like then check this post out:
Retro Room – My Collection

I am also constantly working on creating a library of scanned images from all my games. So far I have the Famicom, Super FamicomPC Engine, PC Engine CD-Rom, Sega Master System, Sega Saturn (PAL) and Game Boy collections kind of covered. I just got the C64 collection up as well :)

I also have extensive collections of Castlevania games and also Tetris games :)

If you have any questions about my collection or would like to feature it somewhere then feel free to contact me on retrovideogaming(at)gmail(dot)com or just leave a comment! ^_^


Heidi stopXwhispering in media:
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Interview on RetroGamesCollector about my collection -> Read article 

I write the occasional article on Retro Collect – > Read an article
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50 thoughts on “stopXwhispering’s Game Room / Collection

  1. Hello Heidi just came across your blog and you have an impressive retro collection, congratulations!!:D The reason I’m writting this message is because I’m starting a small project to rebuild and print my own boxes for my snes and super famicom cartridges, I’m a fine artist from Mexico and always been gaming since I was a child and I’ve decided to start my own collection, trying to get back all that my mother made me sell. Anyway I wanted to ask for your help if it’s possible. I’m missing the super famicom Tiny Toon Adventure box and I saw you got that game in your collection, and I was wondering if you have some good scanned files of that box that you could lend me? For your time thank you very much!

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  3. Wow, Heidi! What an amazing collection you got there! The Dream Cast, Ps1, Nintendo 64 were all a part of my childhood but the GameCube was the biggest part of my childhood. I’m a big Nintendo fan and I would like to start a collection of my own. But I’m a college student on a budget and GameCube games are really hard to find in my area. eBay and Amazon’s prices are phewww, wayyy too high lol. So do you have any tips, you could offer to a broke college student, like myself? Lol.

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  7. Hi there,

    This Collection off yours makes my collection look a bit on the small side, I have only just started getting mine together recently though. That said I think I will never amass as much as you have collected here, good job :)


  8. Hi there!
    Your collection is amazing! Wow!I remember when I was 7 my uncle sent me an odyssey 2001 from the U.S. That was my first video game. After it I had Commodore +4,16 and 64,Nintendo, Sega and the newers until today finished with PlayStation 4.:-)
    Sorry for ask but can you help me sell my odyssey 2001? This is my first and I took care of it for about 30 years. But know I have to sell it…
    If you have a second to reply me I will thank you so much if not is the same. My email
    Your sincelerly:Robert from Hungary

    • Hi! Thanks ^_^ you’re lucky to have grown up with so many great systems! :) I prefer the Xbox one to Ps4 today though ;D
      Sure I might be able to help, do you have some pictures of it? Feel free to send them to retrovideogaming(at) ^_^

  9. Hey Heidi !!
    I can’t describe what level my envy has reached after i discovered your blog :)
    I’m 40 from Italy and i’ve been playing videogames for more than 3 decades…i still remember my happiness when my father gave me a Vic20 and its 8 colors for my 6th birthday…i’ll never stop to thank him for that .
    Since then, i never stopped playing games, both computer’s and console’s starting from the glorious Vic20 through Commodore 16 -64-128, Spectrum, Amiga and Sega. Sadly, almost all of them have gone along with my youth…but luckily i saved a Commodore 64 SX ( very happy about that ) , some handled games and a couple of Tomy arcades…
    Collecting Game&Watch games is now one of my favourite hobbies …One of the few i saved from the garbage dump is Egg…i still don’t know how my father came across it but he did and i feel very lucky for that, considerinf how hard to find it is :)
    I’d like to put it in the right place…meaning its Box … i tried to look for it over the last 2 years but it seems to be impossible to find one ( more than the game itself )…i was wondering if you maybe know someone or a store who has it and could sell it…i know it’s a utopia but …who knows :)
    Anyway, congrats for your game room…it’s a dream !
    Ciao !

    • Hi Luca!
      I’m so happy to hear that you got to grow up with so many great systems! You’re truly lucky! I never got any games at all, and I’m just now getting to experience these old systems now that I’m older. It’s a lot of fun thought ^_^ I feel like a kid on christmas eve! haha!
      Game & Watch systems are so charming ^_^ I have a few myself, but yeah I’ve never seen egg, not even once.. it’s a rare one. I unfortunately can’t help you there. If I do ever bump into a box to Egg I’ll let you know though!

  10. Wow! This game room is so impressive. I love that there’s a virtual boy there too haha. I remember playing tennis on that thing, and wondering “Why does everything have to be red?”

    • Thanks ^__^ Yeah the Virtual Boy is something that made me really start collecting retro games, it’s just so obscure! I have three of them and most games released :) It’s a shame it’s all red and black, but there are still some good games on the system ^_^

  11. Love your retro room. It looks so comfy, and filled with fun.

    Is this in your private house, or is it a kind of shop, that people can visit?

  12. Hello Heidi.
    My name is Johanna Laut. I just wanted to say that I really liked your photos of your Video Game Room. I am thinking of doing a Video Game Room/Bedroom in my room. But I don’t know where to begin. What should I get rid of and what should I keep? I collect a lot of stuff and I don’t know what I should get rid of? Please Help!

  13. Hello, Korean.

    I am born in 1988

    The environment of the picture above is very enviable.
    I also plan to build a similar if it is an opportunity.

    Thank you for letting me see the room I pictured in my imagination.

    And it is so beautiful ^ ^

    I will also upload a picture if I build my own game room later ^^ !!

    Support from afar!

    • Thank you so much! Keep a lookout on my blog because I will soon make a blog post about two Korean games that I recently got ;D
      Let me know if you upload a pic of your room ^_^ I would like to see it! :)

  14. Woah, I love you immediately ahaha.
    (Can I draw your portrait?)

    Now, seriously. Impressive collection. In my country (Chile), game collectibles are hard to come by, and imports are overpriced. I paid around 100 USD to get the first Sentai zyuranger (power rangers fam) game. Just to give an example. My collection and my room are just a small fraction of your outstanding display in comparison…But I bet the feeling we (all) get when we anticipate a shipment, or nerd it out when something arrives, is the same. Greetings from another nerd from Chile.

    • Thanks Richy :)
      It is a special feeling when parcels arrive with imported games ^_^
      Sentai Zyuranger is awesome! Do you get a lot of Famicom reproductions in Chile like they do in Brazil?

  15. Hi Heidi! I’m from São Paulo, Brazil and I’m in love with your collection! I’m also a retro collector but not yet at his hehehe level, I plan to go run a half marathon in the United States, depending on whether you live nearby, could I go there to enjoy your Relics? Haha

  16. Good, independent hahaha, I intend to run half marathons in the four corners of the earth, if I have the opportunity to run around I hope I can get to know your collection if you do not mind ^^, where do you live?

  17. I’m speechless, your room is Awesome. I love all the tube TV’s you have as well. Following up on another comment, my Atari Jaguar CD player doesn’t work either.

  18. Hey :-)
    i found your homepage and its amazing. Great games and you so beautiful. That is really a pity that you married. I would have you married ;-)
    Greets from germany

  19. Hello Heide

    That is some game room!!! My son is also a collector. He has 14 systems in his bedroom as of now. Wires everywhere. Your console that holds your systems is great. Did you make it yourself? Any suggestion on how to organize and hide wires would be greatly appreciated

    • Its from IKEA, but they don’t have it anymore. I had to make holes through the back for the wires, but otherwise it’s great :) as long as you have some kind of TV bench you can always make holes for the wires so they’re hidden behind it ^_^

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  21. Hi stopXwhispering, I really like your collection! I shared some photos of yours in my Retro group and all rather impressed. Keep up with that!

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